help your child in facing the final exam

When it is about the end of the semester, you will notice that your child is getting busier. Yes, she usually has to do more homework. Certain teachers will ask the students to make final projects which have to be submitted just before the final test day. Look at the face of your child when she comes home in the afternoon. When she looks gloomy and tired, try to ask what happen and whether she can handle the school tasks or not. You are allowed to offer some help to ease your child load. But you are not allowed to take over doing the homework and the final projects. Usually the school schedule has been announced before, so you will know the date of the final exam.

A month before the due date, make sure you provide only healthy and balance diet for your child. It will keep her health and avoid her from being sick during the final exam week. Do not forget to remind her about the sport that she likes to do. She should not be too tired, so that she will have extra energy to do the homework and review the lesson at school. It is better for you to accompany her in reading the lesson and other enrichment materials. Tell her that she cannot get everything just in one night. She needs to study step by step. Practicing and reviewing are needed especially in math and foreign language. For math, guide your child to practice the various question types. For foreign language, you should start reviewing from the first chapter especially on the new vocabularies.

Although you need to create a kind of schedule, you are not supposed to force your child to study. She should face the final exam normally and does not think this as something scary. Final exam is very important in reviewing and showing the achievement of your child. But you should not make her feel offended and frustrated because the final exam is getting closer. If she feels nervous, it is your job to ease the situation and convince her that she will be fine.