Higher tuition, a consideration before deciding to send your child to the boarding school

Besides homeschooling and going to regular school, your child has the right to know another type of school. It is boarding school. The big difference among the other types of school is your child will not live with you and has to be more independent in solving the problem may happen. Commonly, boarding school is designed not for children below eight years old, but today you will some boarding schools which offer the program start for six years old children. When you tell your child for the first time about the idea of going to the boarding school, mostly she will say no. It is understandable especially if she is about six or seven years old. She wants to stay with you and the warmth of a family. More than ten years old children will directly think whether they will agree or not.

Parents who cannot manage their time well and tend to be in hectic schedules usually choose boarding school as smart choice. It does not mean that they do not want to raise and rear the children themselves, but it is the way to balance the gap between their children education and the needs to build the career. However, there are also many parents who decide to send their children to boarding school since they believe that it gives various benefits to their children. In this case, it is better for you to see what your child needs and your goals as parent. The important thing you have to consider is your child independence. You have to notice whether she is ready to life far from you or not. You may explain that living in boarding school will be so much fun with friends around her. But if she is not ready, you had better not force her.

Furthermore, you have to be ready to pay higher school tuition. The reason is simple because you have to pay for your child entire accommodation. Also, lots of boarding schools provide extra facilities for the students such as swimming pool, tennis courts, hockey field, entertainment room, bigger and more complete library, and many more. All of them are provided to make sure that the children feel comfortable and they do not have to go outside the school to get those facilities. Everything is completed inside the school area. There are also some professional cooks who are hired to prepare balanced and healthy meals for the students. As a result, you have to pay higher for the school.