Think positively and expect the best from your children

Even when you are very angry, you are not allowed to say something negatively about your children. As parent, you have to think only the positive things about your children. This seems to be very difficult to apply and so many parents forget that important point of parenting. Many times, parents feel difficult to control their emotion and as a result the simple things can be the source of the anger. You should try maximally to keep your mouth from saying something bad about your children for several reasons. When those negative words are said, you are at the same time teaching your children about those words and how they are used. They will memorize those words and use them in another occasion. It is surely bad, isn’t it? Also, your children will start to believe what you are saying as something true. For example, when you say that your children and stupid and slow, they will automatically believe that they are stupid and slow. This may affect their self confidence and performance. They may think that how hard they try the will be still your stupid children.

That is why you have to think positively and say positive words. By saying that, you are at the same time expecting the best things from your children. Positive words will make you get closer with the children and they will be proud of what they are doing. Indeed, it is almost impossible for your children to be perfect. Making mistakes is fine and you not have to worry about that. It is your job to guide your children to be better. Think and say that your children will be successful, smart, creative, productive, honest and responsible, like to help others, kind, and many other positive words. Remember, what parents say is a kind of prayer to God. He listens to your prayers and makes them true. That is why you have to expect and say nothing but the best for your children and watch them fulfill your expectations.